Monday, January 12, 2009

RF Online: Crashes go way overboard

In RF-ph, server crashes are rampant. There are times when there would be 15-20 crashes in a day. That would mean one crash per hour. For most "legit" players, the server crashes are annoying. For me, it becomes an opportunity. For those who cannot crash a server, they just wait for these instances to happen to do "miracles". I recently found the 100% way to increase your CPs to its maximum in just one crash of a server. However, I feel that the RF community in my server is reaching its destructive state. I reckon it won't be long before the RF server will completely close because of these crashes.

I ask those who will read about this to lay down on server crashes. If possible, do it when most people are offline. And don't be too greedy. I admit, I am greedy but to a controllable point. Be constructive instead of destructive guys.


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